Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Break in the Weather

"This cannot be done by humans but God can do anything!" Mark 10:27

A Glimpse of Possible

The snow piled up like dirty hard frosting
on an old ignored cupcake and the wind turned
our heads downwards and away from each other, away from
the possible, we could only look at our aching feet and listen
to our chattering teeth.

A long siege of darkness, a long season of shrill silence and long
absences of the damp dirt and her latent possibilities.
The pavement ached for us all, shattered by bolts of ice and salt pounded
by angry feet heading for loneliness, silent in her vigil, her part of the path.

And yet it broke, like a fever, like the warm sun finally
rising over the terrified sand, lifting up over tossed vessels clinging
to the shore, holding out for hope in the darkest night.

We have a brief glimmer of hope, a silent witness to possible
coming seasons, a taste in our mouths of rescue and basketfuls
of steaming ripe food with the music of laughter and squealing delight
every moment opening up to another gift, another good dream,
another moment of the touch of God.

God stoops today to touch my eyelids with the sensation of love
renewed, heaven and earth rejoicing in good weather, fertile soil
and warm home voices singing welcome on the wind.

God is rising up to take our hands and to reclaim our horror.
God is turning back the tide of pain and calming the crash of our hearts.

God is reaching wide open arms this morning to weary broken children
welcoming rest and promising vision and a place to rest our heads.

There will be another snow, another violent downturn and we will run
for cover, for each other, for the hills, for shelter
of God's possibility in our broken reality.

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