Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

"Go! Your faith has made you whole." Mark 10:52

My Valentines

They tossed my world, upended my sensibilities,
noise, costumes and loud music everywhere
anguish always out shadowed by laughter and forgiveness
pain eased by smudged endless kisses.

They are my valentines, my heart my compass
my globe, the world through which I travel and the stars
that guide my voyage.

They are alabaster and gold, diamonds and daylight
they are sunsets and sand in my pockets
discovered in midwinter, loved all the more.

They ask nothing more than a gentle touch
a listening ear yet they take my whole heart
and they steal my breath away.

I am not poor in their presence, nor needing of anything.
I am not broken but whole for their faith and love.
I ache only to be near them, hold them, and listen
to their laughter rolling across my world.

There is nothing that I can give them
nothing that can I can be nothing
which can match the love and faith
they so freely give.

So here's to you, Mark, Emily, Ariel and Phoebe.
No wife and mother was ever more blessed
ever more grateful, ever more filled with love
for the true blessings that you are.

Happy Valentine's Day

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