Thursday, September 16, 2010

Children of Light

" While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become children of light.” John 12:36

Today was the first day of the House of Bishops meeting and it was 107 degrees in Phoenix. We were inside most of the day listening to folks reflecting on the question, "where is God calling us?" My mind was filled with the images, sights and sounds from the previous days. My thoughts went to the wonderful congregation where I serve. My heart was seeking ways to put the pieces together of our common life as a church and how God was speaking in the midst of us. I still don't have any answers but I can't help thinking about the children I watched in Naco, Sonora, who were preparing for Mexican Independence Day. Children from five to 16 were marching in formation in preparation for a huge celebration, as this year marks the bi-centennial. They were laughing and smiling, serious and proud of who they were and their country. Despite all of the challenges they live with they were putting their all into their practice. They were living as active children of light. They were rejoicing in the light and life they have.

Jesus had spend time after time telling people about God's love for them, active in the world. Many would not believe in his words and didn't trust that God was doing a new thing in their midst. God incarnate, Jesus Christ, was living and acting in their presence and struggled to recognize the light in their lives.

Today, I want to live in the light of Christ as I find it today. I want to celebrate the light of God's love as it covers me today, no matter the circumstances and no matter the heat and challenges of the day. Today I pray that God will help me to live as a child of light.

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