Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leaving Everything

After this he went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, sitting at the tax booth. And he said to him, “Follow me.” And leaving everything, he rose and followed him. And Levi made him a great feast in his house, and there was a large company of tax collectors and others reclining at table with them. 30 And the Pharisees and their scribes grumbled at his disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners? And Jesus answered them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”Luke 5:27-32

Leaving Everything

The light crept in a surprise
this morning my life a storm
of emptiness and aching watching
others dance by with babies swaying
partners providing and I sit
and count the change the leftover
the pittance, flotsam and jetsam
of a lonely existence.

The day wore on with the selfish protesting
their right to double park scolding
gentle fathers and daughters on the dusty
rusted road to solace for the poor trying
to hold back the tears of anger the rage building
with the clouds.

The touch of a stranger soft coaxing
a smile in a weather beaten face longing
to be invited asked and wanted
on a pilgrim's road the road where burdens
are left behind for love.

I am not worthy my belonging more
worthless than sand and dust standing
in my way on this road is nothing
that I am not willing to leave go,
leave to follow love.

Take me on the road weary and wary
as I am I will walk until blisters
form and sweat soaks my bones and my heart
is broken open from giving up and setting
free love in the world.

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