Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frozen Hearts

"Nothing outside a person can make them unclean, by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that makes them unclean." Mark 7:15-17

Since the beginning of the year, every where I go I am assaulted by ads for all sorts of things that are going to make a better me. From diets ads that promise me a flat belly to products to thaw my love life. As Valentine's day approaches, the ads and advise about relationships are in overdrive. Everybody has great advise and wants to sell me something. God, on the other hand, desires that my heart is clean and warm, not for my betterment alone but for the healing of the world. So that others might know of the eternal love that breaks through all barriers. Love that moves beyond law to compassion, beyond control to transformation. So, for this Saturday, here are ten tips for a warmer, cleaner heart. The world could sure use some of God's warmth and compassion right about now.

1. Shake the hand of the next homeless person you meet on the street.
2. Smile at the person who just cut you off on the road.
3. Call the folks who wait on you, cut your hair etc., by name and ask about their family.
4. Give someone else your place in line.
5. Smile on the subway or bus (just a little, not like a crazy person, I mean!)
6. Put the money for your coffee in the next outstretched cup or hand.
7. Listen to the story of someone you don't know.
8. Return the call you have been dreading and putting off.
9. Make a cup of tea (coffee) for the person (coworker) who irritates you the most.
10. Pray for someone every time you want to (or do) swear.

And remember, God is watching not to punish us, but with the ache of a parent who wants their child to use all the gifts they were blessed with...."and the greatest of these is love."
Happy Saturday

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