Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"On hearing of this, John's disciples came and took his body and laid it in a tomb." Mark 6:29

The snow is falling in great bucket loads right now, and since it is January, that seems the normal course of things. In watching the news last night, folks across the area were talking about their local strategy to deal with the mess, how the huge piles of snow are already a problem and how this winter is really a challenge financially. No one talks of beauty or abundance, they just plan and plot night and day so that they can overcome the challenge. Why is it we as humans so quickly turn on the gifts that God has given us, weather, prophets and challenges that deepen our dependence and love?

Herodias loathed John the Baptist because he told the truth and schemed until she found a way to be done with him. Her daughter danced, enthralling guests and Herod alike who offer her up to half of his kingdom. Her mother instructed her to have John's head brought out on a platter. It wasn't enough to silence him, she had to enjoy the horror of his death. John's disciples could do nothing, but with dignity and faith collect his remains and honor him. They took their circumstances, trusting that God had a way through beyond their understanding. They didn't try to control the story or plot revenge, they remained faithful in the midst of it.

Today, despite some challenges, I want to remain faithful and trust that God will see me through. Some days, that is the finest and most faithful thing we can do. The plotting and planning can be fruitless, but the faithful heart can always find abundance. May we have the courage, when we are overwhelmed, to avoid plotting and increase our praying. For the outcome is often more and different than we can possibly imagine. And God is always more faithful than we can know in our times of distress.

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