Monday, July 6, 2009

It Begins

"Father into your hands I commit my spirit!" Luke 23:46
Today, people from all over are flying into Anaheim to participate in our General Convention. I will go for just a few days, starting on Thursday, but I do know I will have to prepare heart and soul for those days. It is a wonderful, celebratory time, where Episcopalians come together. It is also a horrid time when politics divide us and we use words to injure some and separate others. Church folks can be very careless in their self-righteousness. And they we can be blind to our own folly. So these next days I will be writing prayers for the whole church, ours and the faithful world wide. Jesus offers up his dying breath, committing all of himself to God, his loving and compassionate father. I ask that I too, can give myself over to God in the coming days, being an instrument of the chorus of love.

Dear God of East and West
North and South, we gather
with minds and hearts racing
trying to do your will and win the day.
We gather and are quickly scattered
heart, mind and soul.

Pick up our pieces and remake us.
Weave us together as new cloth.
May our broken bits be your glory
may our unholy pride fall to the floor
and may the floor of convention
be the garden of your compassionate mission.

Give us new eyes to see that fabric rent
is your heart torn.
Help us to clothe ourselves with humility
help us to shed our self-glory robes.

Make us your people and break our hearts for loves sake.
In the name of Jesus, broken that we might live, Amen.

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