Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beyond Begging

"Take heart; get up, he is calling you." So throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus. Mark 10:48-48

I sit on a dirty street corner covered
in all the filth and detritus that fills
this city I cannot see what has stuck
to my cloak but I can taste the odors hatred
ignorance and anxiety.

All humanity passes by women dragging
small children by reluctant hands
they want to talk to me curiosity shut down
by fearful protective mothers afraid
the child will become me.

Men rush past with purpose smelling
of ferocious competition a mix of failure
and anxiety in their bearing turning
away from the weakness they see in me.

There is one who is not repulsed, not fearful
but compassion pours out from his being he
is coming my way I hear the feet and the murmurs
long before the crowd arrives.

I am screaming despite the crowd the handlers
someone hears me someone see the need in me
and I spring up because love cannot be kept
down and I am asking fearlessly for eyes that I
have never had.

He reaches for me sees me knows my need and
faith my faith he says had made me whole.

First there was light and then some colors
brilliant pain and exquisite life bursting
in front of me, the life which I knew only through
song and shouts, smells and rumors life
brilliant and present is mine.

God has seen me in my utter despair and lifted me
through love I am lifted and tears never stop pouring
out of my once dead eyes in thanksgiving
for love and life were taking my road meeting
me at the intersection no longer one who is
over looked.

I will rejoice as I follow him
down the dark paths and brilliant city streets
for I can see that love has arrived.

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