Thursday, October 22, 2009

God's Timing

Commit your way to the Lord;trust in God, and the Lord will act. God will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday.Psalm 37:5-6

Yesterday, when we were manning the pumpkin patch, a couple with a little girl came to pay for their pumpkins. They had five or six large pumpkins in the wagons and some little ones also. We gave the little girl some stickers for her small pumpkins. When the parents started to pull the wagon to the car and unload she got very upset. They were quickly upset and embarrassed, yelling at her and then swooping her up. It seemed that all she wanted to do was to put the stickers on her little pumpkins while there were still in the wagon. We all felt bad for all of them. Right after that a mom came up and told us that this was the first time she had come to pick pumpkins without her children. Her youngest was in middle school and refused to accompany her. She told us that she would have loved to have a child in tow and would welcome the tantrum for just a few more minutes of family fun.

We can all be overwhelmed by the events of a day and how we or others act around us. And we can also forget how blessed we are to have the people around us who love us as well as they do. And sometimes, what seems like a tragedy becomes a sweet memory, missed when that time of life has gone. I am often impatient with God. How grateful I am that God is not impatient with me.

Today, I plan to wait on the Lord and trust him for the resolutions I don't have. I try to often to fix it myself, in my impatience. But at least for today, I am going to offer all my needs to the Lord. For today I have no answers for the pressing questions. And I pray that God will make this time a sweet memory and allow me the grace to savor every day I have. I pray that we can lay our needs on God today trusting that God is always more ready to act than we are to ask.

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