Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feeding Others

Who then is the faithful and wise servant,whom his master has set over his household, to give them their food at the proper time? Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. Matthew 24:45-46

I just returned late last night from attending the meeting of the United Way Board. We heard about the significant need in our country and how the need for emergency food and shelter has increased 40% and 50% in some places. We met with members from overseas United Ways and we talked about the increased need seen around the world. We sat comfortably and were well fed. And that always makes me a bit uncomfortable. As an American, I am struck by how much we have as a people, and how much we have to share with others -not only with our immediate neighbors in our communities but with the vast world of people in need just beyond our borders. We can complain about a downturn in economies, but God calls for more than conversation. God calls for action.

Today, I want to be open to the need of others around me. It is so easy for me, as I prepare for Christmas, to walk hurriedly in and out of stores. Sometimes even the ringing of the bells by the Salvation Army bothers me. And yet, it is the ringing of the bell, the clarion call for us all to be about God's business - the master's business -feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, protecting the widows and children. Those needs have not changed since the beginning of time. May we all take the time, the few moments, to feed others today. With our work and with our giving. For God will be known this season as we give ourselves away to others.

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