Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Motion - A Poem for Sunday

A Poem for Sunday August 31, 2008

Time to fly back
and go forward in the season
changing time and climates changing
blue beach bike for books and printer wheels
in motion flying through today we are moving beyond
what we know or remember, adding new destinations
to our already overloaded blue car.

We are blue and green swimming fish
in a sea of parents and children highways full
of coming and going, leaving and starting over
hills and twilight and shadows unpredictable
mysterious, honking horns and waving hands.

My tears will fall in the silent shadowed
car seat returning without you, minus your
piles of bright garments and air charged with laughter and
mocking parent scorn, frightened all of us a little moving
apart, moving toward growing up some more.

I will wave even if you don't
look, and I will cry if even if you don't
see me, and I will love you even if you aren't
near me, able to laugh at a tender broken part of you
and me as we spin apart.

We change bikes for books and tans for lamps and exchange
the love we hold for one another, exchange it for a better, newer
larger amount of love which stretches and bends as we bend
and stretch and go around more corners.

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Phoebe Gallagher said...

I love you.