Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yesterday, I was returning from a complicated but finally successful trip to the DMV to get my car registered. My youngest called to say my Mom had fallen and she was being taken to the hospital. I stopped at home and picked up a few things and immediately headed to the hospital. The few hours between my home and hers - there was nothing to do but drive (reasonably if possible) and pray. Sometimes, we can consider our actions and plan things out, and sometimes we can only do one thing, and deal with the day we are dealt.

When I arrived at the emergency room my daughter Phoebe and her friend were with my Mom who was in a neck brace and still covered in some blood she lost when she hit her head. The ER was crowded to overflowing, as it often is in the summer. My mother was alert and aware but exhausted from the ordeal. We are now waiting through tests to find out what causes her to fall and what she might have to do in the coming days. Nothing is certain, but still we can pray. She is a remarkable human being. Strong and faithful - and willing to take each day as it comes. There is a remarkable besuty in a person who is confronted by great trauma and is able to find a way to lovingly get through the day. She kept her eye on others, treats the nursing staff with kindness and appreciation, and takes the worst in stride. I think all she can do sometimes is to pray. And it seems to work.

So, as this day ends, or as the last two days which have run together end for a brief moment, I ask God for the courage to pray. To expect that if I can do nothing else as we watch and wait, still I can pray. I ask your prayers for Betty this day, and for all of us who watch and wait as skilled professionals do their best to find solutions and bring comfort. May we all have the courage to pray.

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holyfoolishness said...

my prayers are with your Mom and your family!