Friday, August 29, 2008


Every day I go out in the morning and water my garden. Mostly I have some feeble flowers and some herbs in pots which I plan to dry or freeze for winter use. Our dog Petey doesn't particularly like me watering the plants. She doesn't like water much, except to drink. So she growls ever so slightly at me, reminding me that she would not appreciate being doused by the hose. She will often lap up any water that puddles up on surfaces other than the garden. She loves to be with me when I am out there in the morning but she hates the hose and me watering. She is conflicted about very little, but about water, she demonstrates the complexity of human internal conflict. How often am I thirsty and fail to ask for a drink? How often do I badly need help, but fail to find a way to ask?

Jesus says, "if you are thirsty, come to me and drink". (John 7:37)We often let our pride get in the way of asking or moving toward the one who could resolve our conflict. I can get so tangled up in right actions and attitudes, that I disregard my true need, and articulate only growling. How hard it is for us to admit need, how we humans, fail to know when we are truly hungry or thirsty. We try to fill the emptiness with all sorts of things - but today, we are reminded that there is an open invitation for us. The fountain of life is never turned off, even when we turn away to our own devises.

Today, I want to have the courage to declare my need for God and for help from my fellow human beings. I am often thirsty, and yet I have tried to fill the gaps with my own inventions. Today, I want to confess my need. And today, I want to remember all those who are perfectly needy, hiding their doubts and failures in their professionalism and organization, who desperately need living water and who desperately need to admit to their need. May we all have the courage this day to admit our need for God, and act on that need. May we seek God and one another as we find satiation for our long time thirst. May we be filled to overflowing in our need and vulnerability before God and one another.

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