Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is an awkward time of year. There are lots of transitions and preparation. People getting ready or having gone back to school. Others trying to squeeze out one more moment of summer, trying to keep the vacation time spirit going for as long as possible. When I was a kid, we liked it best when my Dad got us all up early at the beach on the first day of school. We dressed for school, slept in the car and woke at our house, ready to tear off to school for the first day. Deeply tanned, covered in mosquito bits and bleary eyes from the trip, we stumbled into fall without any time for worry. There were no spaces in between for reflecting and reordering. We just moved from one point to the other without any chance for anxiety, planning or anticipation. But there can be danger in no time for reflection, it can leave one without sign posts by which to orient oneself. It can be life lived in a constant state of adjustment to others' signs and directions.

So today, I want to give thanks for time to reflect on where I have been and where I am going. It is often easier for me to just blunder forward and react, but the gift of reflection is the opportunity to find new ways and new words to express God's love in my life. Without thinking I can repeat dangerous behavior and never see the blessings that surround me. I might not be quiet enough to hear the still small voice of God, inviting into the place of rest and trust. May we all have the courage, as we are given the time, to reflect on the beauty and possibility that surrounds us. May we notice the little things that often go by in a blur. May we, as the seasons change, find a sparkle of joy in the memories and a glimmer of hope in the changing light. God, moving in our darkness and light, is reflected in the gentle way the seasons change, leaving us time to adjust and grow. May we celebrate the past days as we open our hearts to the growth that is just around the corner.

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