Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"I do not ask you take them out of the world. I ask you to keep them from sin. My followers do not belong to the world just as I do not belong to the world." John 17:15-16

I heard an audible sputtering
in the dark night thunder booming
rippling sound and reflected light
my plans were changing, the world was storming.

I felt a tug at my heart
in the soft rustle of blankets
a gray spotted cat stretched and curled
seeking warmth and company.

I saw a morning struggling to awaken
deep shadows and deeper puddles
students poured from cars onto sidewalks
doors closing, a day beginning.

I am stuck in this hovering, healing place
and want to be on the move, changing cities
destinations certain but many choices ahead
and I pray for patience in the waiting.

I am caught on a long line of filament
which extents from heart to head and wraps
around a body which refuses a quick solution
choosing time's nurture rather than change.

I reach out and call for God whose hand
on my shoulder tells me to breath and wait.
I don't like waiting, don't like being held back
and like the comfort of a God so present.

Help me today to be patient with the mending
my mending, my vessel that needs tender repair
I have roughly treated, been tossed about
and need to know God's healing touch.

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