Sunday, April 26, 2009

Staying Put

"See! I will send you what my father has promised. But you are to stay in Jerusalem until you have received power from above." Mark 24:49

Transitions are very difficult. Even when good things are on the horizon, packing up and moving can be a challenge. Folks who scientifically rate stress say that a move and marriage (usually positive things) are as stressful as the death of a loved one. The long awaited graduation can become very threatening to the graduate as it approaches. What was familiar and comfortable has passed away. New life and new power is coming but it is not here yet. The space in between is very scary - neither here nor there. It is not a restful place for most of us, but an anxious, pacing, flopping about kind of season.

Jesus appears to his disciples in the room where they are hiding. The eat together and pray together, and bite their nails wondering what is next. He has promised things but nothing promised is realized yet. Jesus tells them to tell the story, to tell what they know and that in the process, the strength, the power and what is to come will break forth. They are to share their story, to preach and tell it about, and God will provide the next steps, and the power to get to the next steps. He suggests they wait in Jerusalem until they have received power. I wonder how comforting this was to the anxious, pacing disciples?

Today, I want to trust God to provide the power for the the next steps. And I want to learn how to tell the story in the midst of transition, in the midst of becoming and not yet. I want to practice telling the story while being rooted in God. I pray that God can provide the strength and the power as needed. It is hard to wait for power, hard to wait for healing. And yet, like the disciples, in good time, with the practice of telling the story, God power is revealed, the road ahead is cleared. May we all have the courage to wait on God's power and God's time as we share our story of God's transforming love in our lives. May we be rooted right where we are and be ready to go at a moment's notice.

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