Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Windy Saturday

"God does not change God's mind when choosing people and bestowing them with gifts." Romans 11:29

Today we are heading out for a family gathering near Philadelphia. Our niece is having an engagement party and there is lots of excitement about meeting the in-laws to be and attending this party. We are generally used to smaller affairs and so some have been anxious about having appropriate clothing and acting correctly in front of strangers. Because there is some major cultural differences between the families, even more anxiety and anticipation has been aroused. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and especially looking forward to being with our two eldest and their significant others. I am looking forward to the joy and laughter we always share, no matter how awkward we might feel in the circumstances.

Paul reminds the Romans that God does not withdraw blessing, love or gifts. Even in awkward and confusing times when our gifts and blessings seemed overlooked or out of place, God has not withdrawn. We often leap to that conclusion, but God continues to bless, love and give gifts, even when we feel completely flustered and unskilled.

I want to remember that I have been invited to join another family, however complex and different these relationships might be. And I want to trust that in the midst of the newness and awkwardness God will reveal a new insight into blessing and gift. I want to be open to learn new ways of using the love God has given me. Whether you are traveling or tucked safe at home this windy Saturday, I invite you to be open to the new ways God is loving you and using your gifts. Gos is always asking us to use what we have been given to invite others into the family. May we rejoice in the love and offer the gifts we have, knowing that God is standing by and rejoicing in our offerings.

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