Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Light Enough

"I came to the world to be a light. Anyone who puts their trust in me will not be in darkness." John 12:46

I woke up this morning and was glad there was sunlight coming through the windows. This time of year, early spring in the northeast, rain seems to be the predominant weather. Recently I have felt saturated and to my limit with gray days and living with raincoat and umbrella by my side. And yet, there are also tiny blossoms coloring the entire landscape. Trees on the verge of blossoming, some brave daffodils opening up to the sky and a myriad of green everywhere. There must have been light enough to make these living things break through the hard earth and rigid bark. There must be light enough to warm the world and make spring possible.

Jesus tells people that he is the light of the world and that he comes from God. They have seen a lot of prophets and wonder. They have seen a good deal of dark days and false leaders. They are people who are so used to the dreary world without possibility, that they might chose what is familiar over trusting Jesus. The last thing they want is to be disappointed. Jesus assures them that what they see is God's love in their midst. He tells them that God wants life, abundant life for them all. And some are unsure, even in the presence of the living God.

This week, this Holy Week, we often find ourselves aching for light and life, and yet we fear disappointment and failure. We want to blossom and push forth, breaking through the hard earth and rigid bark and yet we can still be unsure and feel inadequate. Jesus comes today to tell us there is light enough, there is love enough, there is everything enough for us to grow. May we walk today, in the light of God, walking despite our fear and inadequacies. May we walk, trusting that God will supply what we need to blossom right where we are.

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