Thursday, July 3, 2008

Changing Light

I had some time the other night to take some photographs at twilight. I stopped several places - the duck pond, the beach, the little church- and was amazed at how different things look as the light changes and what things I notice that I wouldn't during the day. As the sun sets, the sky changes, pinks and reds dominate at the horizon. The clouds reflect the changes and everything slowly softens into night. The boundaries between objects blurs slightly and what was once vivid is now muted. At the end of a day, and end of an era - during any transition I notices these things.

The gift of changing light is that we can experience the softer side of our world, immediate and distant. The challenge is the overwhelming fear that can creep in as the light changes. Will I be able to navigate in the dark? Can I find my way from here and will I be confused by the shadows? As breathtaking as a sunset is there can be real sadness at the end of a beautiful day. This is when I look to God in gratitude and in hopefulness. I personally want crystal clear daylight clarity in my life and get anxious when things change and there are shadows only. We all struggle with the transitions in our life. I know I do. This is when I know that I must let go to God, knowing the one who created such beauty, such generosity, such overflowing abundance is in charge whether I can see clearly or not. God is moving in the dark places in my life as well as in the light.

My prayer for this day is to remember how to enjoy the sunset, the changing light and the transitions in my life. Today, I will see things in softer, rounder ways because of the changing light and the changing life. Today, I want to know the pinks and shadows as well as the brilliant sunshine, knowing that God is active in the changing light. May we all embrace the changing light, knowing that God is revealing hidden beauty and gentle, understanding compassion in these moments of changing light.

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