Monday, July 28, 2008

Slow Progress

Waiting for one's body to heal after an accident is like waiting for corn to ripen or for water to boil. As the Witch if the West says, " all in good time, my pretty, all in good time." Every repair and ripening has its own time, which is understandable to no one but the Creator some times. What I have learned from slow progress of late is that I do not have to understand the whys and wherefores of my situation. I need to do what I can today, and be present to those who are in my world today. I need to focus on the fore ground and let the rest go. The big picture is God's anyway, my picture is what I can accomplish today. I can love those who are part of my life today. I can be kind to strangers. I can greet others in the name of our Lord and thank them for all the things they have done. I can be grateful and can celebrate God's radiance in others. I can be thankful to be alive and almost completely whole after a life altering accident. In our history wars have broken out because of the desire to control the present and future. Wars and schism don't happen when we are trying our best to celebrate God's radiance in others.

May I have the courage today, with all my slow progress surrounding me, to be grateful and celebrate that which is around me. May I articulate the blessings, welcome the stranger and feed those who are hungry with what I have. May our bishops gathered at Lambeth remember that their task is first to be grateful and to celebrate. May we all have the strength from God this day to live today with thanksgiving and celebration in our hearts.

Morning Prayer
Holy One,
we wake after a Sabbath's rest and notice the weariness in our flesh. Help us this day to notice the blessings that surround us. The bishops have the opportunity to join with those across the world who seek to bring Christ's love where ever they go. Help them to be grateful for their brothers and sisters. Help them to cherish their diversity and complexities as gifts from a loving Creator. Help us all to be joyous this day in the ripening and healing that is happening at your pace in our lives. We pray this all in Christ's name, Amen.

Evening Prayer
Loving God,
you brought us through a day of struggle and challenge. You gave us everything we needed today. We are grateful. We are thankful that we met people who rubbed us the wrong way because they too are beloved of you. We are thankful for all the complex and irritating conversations we participated in today, for you were in the midst of them. Teach us about love this night. Expand our capacities as we rest, so that tomorrow we might love and celebrate you more completely in one another, through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Kirstin said...

This was good for me to read today. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog daily. I always come away with something to comfort me or give me hope/strength or an inspirational feeling that makes me smile. Your note re: your deer encounter and recuperation brought back memories. It's taken six months to get over a fall I had from a bus! During that time I was constant aware that God with with me! That knowledge made undergoing tests and the recuperative period bearable. Thank you for the constant reminder that God is continual with me and those I know and love. And thanks for the inspiration to get through each day with a smile (no matter what)!
God bless


mamabishop said...

To Kirstin and Diane,
Some days it's hard to go so slow. Thanks for the encouragement and prayers!