Sunday, July 13, 2008

When I look up at night I see a massive amount of stars and when the day is ending the red and pinks of the sun’s dying embers. Both the light’s fading and the light’s absence have incredible beauty to bestow. Not just in the changing of shadows and colors but in the ability of unseen things to shine and dazzle. The Creator’s limitless and gorgeous creation, animate and changing, if I will but open my eyes and look up.

For many us the end of day will find us so burdened or exhausted that we can do very little. For others, the end of day is a great release from all the work world has laid upon us. Very few of us look up at the end of the day because our hearts and minds are burdened with where we have been and where we have to go.

On this Sunday, the Sabbath, I invite us all to look up and seek Sabbath rest. Resting your head can invite new dreams. Staring up at the clouds can restore your imagination and gazing up at the stars can invite possibilities never before imagined, more wonder and surprise than has been welcomed in days. For all of us who have experienced a sense of loss or rejection it is easy to bow our heads, but sometimes hard to look up. Look up and see the face of love, the face of a loving God in the world around. God is seeking our faces today, the Creator who loves us is seeking our hearts. God wants us to be restored, refreshed and fully aware in all the cells of our bodies that we are loved, created and adored.

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