Sunday, July 6, 2008

When the Day is Done*

*This was written at the end of a day, at the end of a long weekend with family and without internet connections... God bless you all this day!

When the day is done

At the end of the day I ask
Myself and God and anyone
Who will listen
Have I done today enough for those
I love and am near to?
Have I let someone else’s frame control
Me let reactive angry hearts shame
me have I taken time to sing and draw a line
between hearts and lives or did I draw lines
in the sand?

As the sun dips into the oceans dark
Bucket sinks below my eyesight beyond
Our imagining can the score be finally
Settled and peace make a home?

We rush to win and measure or leisure by the activity
Meter and wonder why hearts explode and people
Are alone and broken.
I want to spend each day poor of time and things
And rich in laughter around a table with the round
Sun dancing downward one more night when grace was the usher
And love was the show.

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