Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Calm Surface

There is always more going on than meets the eye. Calm surfaces can hide cold deep streams and quaking sand near the point of eruption. People and nature alike can be breathtakingly wonderful one minute and frighteningly horrid the next. We are all capable of great love and great hurt. The earth is subject to calming winds and terrible destructive hurricanes. We live in the tension between what is and what is possible.

For me the good news of today is that God is constant, calm at the core, neither distant nor aloof but with us in every moment, no matter how the winds blow. God is seeking out each one of us, extending love and mercy in every breath, offering healing in every day and every season. Some days, when I am calm and think I am in control, it is enough to know God is near. On days like today, I cling desperately to God who is present, real and my advocate, my friend. On the calm days, I can walk alone and not worry. Today, I am thankful for each step, grateful for any hand along the journey. Today, I am grateful for each breath and each companion on the way. On days like today, I remember what it means to walk in faith - fully trusting this erratic and twisted life to the one who is constant and faithful, abundant in mercy, healing and kindness.

May we all remember that when we feel like every corner is a danger and every encounter is threatening - God is with us, incarnate, living and bearing us up in arms of constant strength and compassion.

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