Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bread on the Water

"The people saw the powerful work Jesus had done." John 6:14

I have been participating in a conference in the Diocese of Hawaii held at Turtle Bay. Folks came from across the islands to develop and grow in mission. We told stories, the stories of our communities and families, and the stories of God working in our lives. This morning the conference ended with a Eucharist. The floor to ceiling windows were wide open with a breathtaking view of the ocean. As the bread and wine were blessed and raised, with wave crashing in the background, I was washed over by a sense of connection and power. Despite all of the challenges many folks face, we were there together, willing to join together to encourage mission and ministry right where we live. The water, flowing and crashing all around, was a vision of the power of God's presence in the midst of the gathered community. All of connected one to another, an ocean of interdependence.

Five barley loaves and two fish was all the food the disciples could collect to feed the huge crowd. A sea of unrelated, expectant people who came to find God in the midst of their lives. They were hungry and Jesus was moved and wanted to feed them. God incarnate cared that the people were fed and made well. The small offering became a full meal for a a huge crowd and much was left over. Abundance in the moment where Jesus and people meet. It was like an ocean of power and fullness, where broken bread became a miracle. The gathered community, sitting on the hillside, knew God in the breaking of the bread.

I want to carry this experience with me, the experience of people willing to come together to follow Jesus. They shared their stories and their lives and we were all encouraged and fed. May we all live dependent on one another and expecting the power and fullness of the presence of Chri

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