Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Light of the World

"Jesus said, ' I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will not walk in darkness. They will have the light of life.'" John 8:12

The first five days of the House of Bishops meeting were rainy, damp days with little light. The area has suffered drought in recent years and so the rain was very welcome, but the lack of sunlight was not. It was a noticeable change yesterday, in mood and attitude, when the sun came up, not hidden behind the clouds bu shining brilliantly. Moods were lifted and faced were lifted up. We humans need the light. And when bishops meet, it is often too easy to get mired in debates and conversations over canons than to delight in the companionship and shared ministry. We are at our best when we share our burdens and bring light to one another. We are at our worst when we draw lines in the sand and exclude the other from our circles.

Jesus encounters religious leaders who are trying to draw him into an argument, into the places of separation, exclusion and division. He answers them that his father is present with him - the God of all is in their very presence which brings an end to exclusion, separation and division. God seeks loving relationships and not those who plot in darkness and live by laws that shut others out.

Today, I want to delight in the light of God, in that light where no one is excluded. No matter how the world and ruling bodies act on any given day, God does not cast us out, nor take away Christ, the light of the world. We are never defeated when we walk in his light. May we all walk in the light, knowing, even in our darkest moments, God's love is breaking through all the gloom, all the barriers and setting us free to love.

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