Sunday, March 15, 2009


"The zeal for your house has torn me up." John 2:17
The anger is easy righteous
flailing at careless abusers and innocents alike
the screams of scattered chickens feathers flying
panic and confusion controlling all.

The clean up and forgiveness
the penitent walk to the well,
the sad recognition of collateral damage scattered
panicked by our own failure to reconcile
waiting for the water to stir
for God to draw near to breathe again
sweet breath warming shattered hearts.

Creator, pouring rain swirling water
your creation aches for restoration
for your tender nearness your face drawn close
as a mother leans in to the breath of her child
face to face with love moist and healing
come now for we are scattered and broken
seeking a holy mending temple of love.

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Ann said...

So true - thanks