Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where would we go?

"Lord, who else can we go to? You have words that give life forever." John 6:68

We all have families to deal with - no matter how small or large - we still have to find our place in them and manage holidays and family gatherings. I am the youngest of five, the third of four girls. Our only brother is three years older than I am. When we were young we used to fight all the time. It was entertaining for both of us at times, I think. But when challenged, when someone spoke ill of him, or any member of my family, I turned into a charging bear cub, a wild protective animal. I knew to whom I belonged, despite whatever friction we had at home.

Peter makes it clear where he belongs and to whom he belongs. He can't imagine where else he would go. He can't imagine who else would have him, or who he would chose to be with. Like Peter, we are connected to God on a familial level, a strong strand that will not let us go.

Today, I want to give thanks that God would have me in the family. I am grateful that Jesus loved us like family, accepting and forgiving our foibles and attitudes. He took the sinners and the tax collectors and mouthy fishermen and made them family - and likewise, makes us kin. May we all live as members of God's family this day, loving fiercely all those who we come in contact with today, knowing that God has made them family.

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