Monday, June 8, 2009

Asking for it

There are now some rooms in my house where it is impossible to see the furniture or the walls because of the boxes and the things that are pulled out awaiting packing or pick up. I am expecting Salvation Army to come and take away some things and it is amazing how dependent I have become on their schedule. I spent good portions of every day making calls to change addresses, accounts and various other functions that need to be changed for our move. I find myself talking out loud to myself more than usual. I find myself calling out to God in prayer, in petition and in desperation.

Jesus was on his way to Jericho and a blind man along the road called out to him, "Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!" The man had been a beggar all of his life, never able to earn a wage due to his disability. His only livelihood was begging. When he calls out to Jesus and Jesus replies by asking the man what he wants, he tells Jesus he wants to see. As poor as he is, and in need of money, shelter, food, clothes - with all of that, he asks to see. He wants to be made whole so that he can participate in life. He has many needs and yet Jesus, the great compassionate teacher, lets him asks for what he truly needs. Jesus lets him ask for it, not because he doesn't understand the beggars lack, but because he knows the man's need for dignity and compassion. The beggar has been told where to go and how to live all of his life. Jesus gives him sight and the dignity to live his own life.

"Lord, I want to see." Luke 18:40

Today, as I move through the many tasks ahead of me, I want to be aware of God's presence with me as we walk this road. I ask to remember the wonderful opportunities and possibilities ahead of me. I ask God to help me to see beyond the present clutter to the joy that awaits. Each of us has clutter, tasks and hurdles to face today. May we remember that Jesus is always walking close by and asking, "what do you want me to do for you?" It is a question, not only for the beggar of so long ago, but for us, right here in the midst of the monumental stuff that we face. Today and always, we are never alone in our trails, but we have a companion who walks the way with us.

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