Friday, June 19, 2009


"All people will hate you because if me. But not a hair on your head will perish." Luke 21:18

The other day I was driving through Jersey City, delivering my husband back and forth from the several campuses at his school. The Newport Campus of Stevens School is very close to the ferry landing on the Hudson. There were geese everywhere, many with brand new baby geese. Young geese are scrawny, humped shouldered wonders, with awkward walks and halting movements. And they are sweet, nestling in their scrawny wings, trying to stay safe from the traffic. As we were returning to Hoboken, we had to come to a complete stop as two adults navigated their young across several lanes of traffic. One guardian goose was in front, the other in back, closely guiding the little ones, squawking orders from time to time, moving as one across the pavement. I thought at the time that they knew their parenting job better than most humans do. Their number one task was the protection of their young.

Jesus was talking with his about the end times, and from their questions, they were very afraid. Understanding their normal human anxiety, he comforting them, telling them that despite anger and hatred, they would be protected, God's love would surround them like good parents protecting their children from the many threats of traffic and danger in the world.

Today, as we look at the last few days of packing, headlong into this transition and move, I know I have an ache to be protected, guided and cared for as we face all that is new ahead of us. The challenges seems overwhelming, they always do. But today, I will carry the image of those smart geese with me, as a sign of God's love and protection in these times. All of us can feel overwhelmed. God knows that and provides protection for the big and little challenges ahead. May we delight in the tender care we receive, and share that care as we are able.

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