Sunday, June 7, 2009

God so loved

The rain had finally stopped and the skies cleared yesterday. Despite all the packing and preparation we have yet to do, we felt it important to go out into the sunshine, out into the world. It's that season - when the strawberries are ripe - a short, sweet time of the year. Not quite summer and long past winter. It is the season when the relationships on earth are in full bloom, when color and light is everywhere. And one can only pack so many boxes and clean so many cupboards before one get stir crazy. So out we went, into the still damp fields, baskets in hand. There weren't so many out in this field that we couldn't enjoy the quiet and the bird song. The light and the breeze did their best to delight us too. There are just certain days and certain places on this earth that make me glad I am alive and make me feel the breath and touch of God. The Creator feels very close, out in the fields, and I wonder how anyone can doubt God's goodness and delight while their fingers are stained with the precious sweet nectar of there early summer fruits.

" For God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3:17

Today is Trinity Sunday, the day when we celebrate God as three-in-one. God in relationship, God manifest in three persons all together one. I think concepts are hard to teach and even harder to learn. But God as known in relationship is not hard for me to understand. The wind and the water and the sun all conspire to grow these luscious berries, we picked so recently. God as reaching through the world through a child, a son and through the power of spirit - all conspiring to make us know of God's love for us - well that just makes sense. My children have shown me what love is all about. Love is never understood, known or tasted without the reflection, reaction and intersection with others. God as parts in harmony, complete and yet faceted, well that is how life is best known - in relationship and in community.

A Prayer For Trinity Sunday

Dear God,
thank you for the strawberries and all of the others sweet touches in our lives.
May we know your love as we share your blessings with others.
May we taste the sweetness of your tender care as we care for others.
May we find your face in the face of those we meet today.
May our hands be instruments of your peace and may our voices be whispers of your delights.
Help us to be companions to those in need. May we need one another and You
so that love might be complete in our homes.
We ask this all in the name of Jesus who came to save us all. Amen

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