Monday, June 30, 2008


Today I am traveling but I want to take the beauty that I have seen with me. I want to reflect the beauty of creation, God's beauty in every conversation, every encounter and every thing I do. I feel uneasy but I know God is with me, despite how I feel. So I offer this prayer for the travelers who are uneasy, queasy or tired of standing still.

Dear God,
let me talk with beauty,
let me walk with beauty,
let me laugh with beauty,
let me reflect your beauty.

Some days I am a vessel completely filled
but today I feel empty and echoing,
and every movement reminds me of the emptiness in me.

Let me be filled,
let me be an instrument,
let me ring with joy.

For you are the great painter and I am your canvas
the creative designer and I am clay
you are the author and I will be your words this day.

Let me reflect your beauty this day
and I will offer your love where ever I go.


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