Thursday, May 14, 2009

34 Years

"God is love."

Mark and I were married in Relay Maryland 34 years ago today. Our wedding took place in a small church on a Thursday morning. It was a small gathering of friends and family and we held our reception on the church lawn. Mark could only get a long weekend off from work so we married on Thursday and drove to Cape May Point for the weekend. We stayed at my parent's house for our honeymoon(without any electricity the first night) since we had little money for elegant hotels. We had a splendid, quiet time, visiting with friends, feeding the ducks, walking the beach and eating out at the few open restaurants. It was a perfect honeymoon. And now, today, 34 years later we will be touching down in London for a 10 day trip as part of my research. We hope to have plenty of time to explore London, as well. We have always been content with small adventures, even in remote places. The wonders of the world are often found in common, simple things.

Today, I want to give thanks for the greatest blessings in my life - love made manifest in Mark, Emily Ariel and Phoebe. The vows we made all those years ago have taught me much about the love of God in my life. The years have deepened our love for one another, has brought us children, some challenges and abundant laughter and joy. I want to give thanks for all the fellow travelers we have encountered over the years, who have shared the wonders of the world with us in common simple things. May this be a day of rejoicing for us all, since love has found us and continues to seek us out.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to be both you and Mark. May your trip all you wish it to be.

Debbie V+