Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solving Mysteries

"Holy Father protect them by the power of your name - the name you gave me - so that they may be one as you and I are one." John 17:11
We are leaving this morning, having packed our bags and prepared for the ride home. We spent our last evening talking about the coming transitions and how we can move through the days ahead. Once we get home, we will begin a long month of preparation for our move to Harrison. All of this is very exciting, but also very challenging -the packing and sorting, the getting rid and going through - and we want to do this well. With some peace and tenderness. This time away has offered us a time to talk and listen, to walk and explore and to be strangers and discoverers in a new world to us. And it has been a sort of training for what is to come. We have listened to each other and solved a great deal of practical puzzles we have ahead of us. Time away is that kind of blessing, time to listen to the heart, time to rely anew on each others' strengths.

Jesus is praying for the ones he loves, knowing they are facing tremendous changes ahead. The disciples have no idea what is ahead, and Jesus asks that they are bound together, knot together as one so that they may be protected by love and te strengths they have been given.

This last Sunday of Easter, it might just be time to learn again the importance of prayer, and how important the practice of praying for every situation is. Jesus talks to God for others and I want to practice prayer as my response to all the challenges and new puzzles and mysteries ahead. I want to learn from Jesus to pray for every challenge, so that we can be surrounded by love as we pass through to our next chapter. May we all remember that God is listening to our hearts. May we all be ready to pray in every situation, knowing that this prayer is a gift from God.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop Carol, Congratulations on the Harrison spot. Arrangements have already been made (somewhat) for a road trip! I know you and Mark are home and busily getting ready to move. However, I'm extending an invitation to attend to June 6 EfM graduation ("they" are finally letting me graduate after four years and numerous philosophers which have distressed me)at St. John's in Hasbrouck Heights. I would really like you there because honestly it was partly because of you that I sought a way to improve my faith and religious education. I know the restrictions and your feelings, so if you can't come, I'll understand. But you and Mark still owe us a presence at our Rutt's Hut graduation party which is taking place right after the graduation reception!
Welcome home and hope to see you both soon.

God Bless
Diane Pollock
St. James, Ridgefield