Friday, May 22, 2009

Waking Up

"Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him." Luke 9:32
Yesterday we spent all day at Canterbury. It was a long train ride on a glorious day, and we stayed through the Ascension Day Eucharist at 5:30 in the choir if the Cathedral. It was a splendid day, and today has dawned no less bright. How wonderful it is to be drenched in sunshine early, as the day begins, only to have the opportunity to explore the world before us. This old city is new to us and so we have the chance to be explorers in the old world.

Luke's gospel tell the story of the transfiguration. Jesus goes up the mountain to pray and takes his disciples with him. They do what they always do - fall asleep. This all to familiar act of Jesus - they had been there, done that - led them to assume nothing new was going to happen. And yet, they awoke to find Jesus surrounded by the founders of the faith, and the light of the glory of God. They were stunned for the didn't expect anything new, but instead they had a glimpse of the true nature of Jesus and the powerful presence of the love of God.

Today, as we explore this city, I want to be reminded how easy it is for us to miss the amazing among the familiar. Last night as we sat in the cathedral and listen to familiar words, I noticed the ancient seat of Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury. I couldn't help but wake up a little, and listen more, to the awesome promises of God's love alive throughout the ages. And so today I want to go forth looking for that light, looking with awe and wonder for the amazing love of God in the streets and underground that have become familiar. I pray that God will have me see all that is there, and more.

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