Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Consider the ravens:They do not reap or sow, they have no storerooms or barns; but God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!" Luke 12:24

Yesterday, we explored the banks of the Thames, including the Globe theater, the remnants of the Rose theater and St. Paul's Cathedral. The ancient foundations of earlier cities were visible with the river at low tide. We immersed ourselves in theater and history, looking at historical costumes and ancient script outlines, the precursors of stage managers and clip boards. I was touched to see what I have only read of close up. And I am moved to understand how brief our visit here is, and how brief our visit is upon this earth. After viewing part of Romeo and Juliet, I am reminded how only love is universal and timeless.

Jesus asks his disciples to consider ravens and lilies - how God provides and how beauty is completely present. Worrying and wishing are not living, and can discount the generosity and care of God. How much more valuable are we than birds? Jesus reminds his followers and us today to live fully in the moments we have been given and God will provide. God loves us more than we can ever know, a love so great that time and geography can never erode.

Today, as we again walk in historic and ancient places, I want to give thanks for the people who have walked here before and who lived lives of service and prayer. People who offer their art and minds to others. People who entertained and taught so that we today might know of God's real presence in my life. May we all be invited to consider -love which supplies our needs and knows no bounds, and which considers us more precious than all the beauty man and God can create.

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