Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Wide the Gates

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat." Matthew 25:35

Very few people can stand to hear other people whine, and many think it is a sign of weakness when others ask for help and are dependent upon one another. Some one remarked to me recently that, "in this Church no one likes crying babies." They went on to tell me the Church really doesn't know what to do with real human need. And that frightened me. The keys to the gates of heaven are in simple acts of kindness and compassion for others. If the Church cannot open with compassion, how are we to survive the coming days, let alone eternity? Every human being is only inches away from being completely dependent upon another, and we are at all times, completely dependent on God for everything.

May this sabbath day be a day of open eyes, open hearts and open hands. May we not shut our ears to the crying babies, no matter what their age. May we see a brother, a sister, a parent, a child, in the face of those who raise their voice in need. And may we too, hear the silent cries of those who are too worn out and too ashamed to ask for help. May we, in the abundance of God's love, be generous beyond our means, knowing that the source of all is God. God has enough space around the table for everyone - even the hungry prisoners, the naked strangers, and those of us who have been bent over from worry and a broken heart. This day, may we flock to Christ's table knowing there is room enough for all.

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