Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Rainy Saturday Prayer

"Take the lowest place so that when your host comes, he will say to you, 'Friend, move up in the presence of all your fellow guests." Luke 14:10

Gracious and loving Creator,
the sky is full of your tears,
your wonderful life giving water,
your gifts of life and abundance for all.

We are tossing in a time of what is past,
and what we will become, and we are anxious as a people.
The light has diminished
the air has cooled, and we call to you for help.

You are present in all the turbulence,
You promise to heal us, transform us and make us new.
Help us to wait on Your touch,
Your breath in our bodies, your smile on our souls.
Give is the courage to be humble,
help us to revel in the lowest place
the waiting rooms and the station platforms,
as we wait for your direction your call.

Loving Savior, you have called us friends,
help us this day to embrace our neighbors
and our enemies, knowing that you welcome us as family
and invite us to serve in your name.

We ask this in the name of Christ Jesus,
who took the lowest place that we might all have life. Amen.

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