Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A Prayer For Thanksgiving

Dear God,

When I wake let me be thankful for my bed
and when I step sleepy into the shower
let me be grateful for the warm water too.

When the noise of the gathered clan presses in
let me be thankful that I am in the midst of a loving family
and if today, I have to eat alone, let me rejoice
for the quiet and the chance to reflect.

When the burdens get too big for me to bear
let me give thanks for the strength I do have
for the resources I do have and for your constant
and overwhelming generosity.

When I have enough let me give thanks
by sharing a part of the blessing.
When I am without let me give thanks for those
who welcome me in their midst and break bread
sharing warmth and their place with me.

When night falls let me wonder at the stars
and know that your love for me is greater
and in that, and all these blessings,
may I be thankful, now and always.


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