Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Prayer for All Saints' Sunday 2008

Dear Lord of All Creation,
Heaven and earth adore you, and all the saints
and angels gather round on this holy day.
Once they were a child like us, cradled and rocked,
and they were a young bright eyed child;
Then a young adult seeking a mate, then a father,
mother, friend, parent, Aunt,
Uncle, or were living unconnected and all alone.
And in dying they left behind a legacy of love revealed.

Each of them has transformed my life,
whether I held them close or they were unknown in my time.
Your saints surround us with the mystery of love that is
transforming, healing, forgiving and eternal.
They may not walk the earth now, but the love
they hold for the world is constantly poured out and ongoing.

Lord, in Jesus Christ, who you made in your image
and like us also, we find a friend, a Savior and love unending.
Give us today the strength to be carriers of Christ’s love.
May we give our all every day as the saints
who came before us gave their all.
May we fully love, tenderly caring
for the people and the whole world.
May we number our days and measure our steps
as followers of Christ, who gave his all
that we might live now and eternally with all the saints.

We ask this all in the name of Christ,
who goes before us and will receive us at days’ end, Amen.

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