Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mustard Seed Faith

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." Luke 16:6

This morning, while walking to my car (which is parked on the street around the corner), in order to drive my husband to the train station, I was touched on the cheek by a single random snowflake. There were a few flurries in the skies as I came out my door, but so insignificant, I barely noticed. When the one touched me on my cheek, the minuscule touch of cold made me look up. And looking up I saw the sun rising over Manhattan from the top of the ridge where we live. I guess I was looking down and hunched over, so focused on the daily routine of life, I almost missed it. Deep crimson, golden sparks and orange glistening in the cold November air. The horizon was exploding with light and color. Everything was still for a brief moment, no cars, no street noise, no one to block my view, and I stood and took in the beauty, awed, down to the tips of my toes. This is a normal, small part of everyone's day, and I could have missed it wrapped up in my thoughts and anxieties. I could have lost the wonder and delight that was that brilliant fleeting moment. But one little snow flake touched my cheek and I looked up and caught a glimpse of the wonder of God.

Jesus responds to his friends and challengers concerns about the times to come. They are concerned, full of worry for themselves and their families. They have bills to pay and people to care for, and they wonder whether God will test them beyond their means. And Jesus tells them to have faith - they only need enough faith, faith the size of a mustard seed and they will be fine and strong. They only need faith as small as a snowflake, and they can look up and see a bit of the wonder of God. I ask God today to give me that small measure of faith so that I can see the possibilities and wonders around me, rather than be bent over from the challenges and burdens of life. I only ask God, for today, to give me a mustard seed of faith. I don't think I will order any mulberry trees around, but maybe, just maybe, I will live with my head lifted up and my eyes on the horizon. May we all live today with our eyes on God's promise, God's horizon, and have faith to see the beauty in the world around us.

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