Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our impossibilities, Gods Possibilities

“With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”Mark 10:27
I find myself thinking a great deal about what seems impossible in my life. All the aspects of this latest transition have brought about a great sense of doubt and challenges that sometimes seem impossible. I have been called to serve in a wonderful parish and they have been very generous and kind to us. It is more the visible imperfections, the amount of boxes still left to unpack, the time and stuff still to organize and manage, and wanting to be the best Mom possible with our daughter's wedding looming. She is not the problem, I am. I want it all to go so well and I have taken on so much. So very often now, the vista before me looks impossible.

Jesus speaks right to me today. I have been too reliant on my skills, my capacities etc. I have neither asked for help or taken it when offered. My wealth of pride and expectation can be the camel impossible to get through the eye of the needle. OR I can ask God to help me and I can ask those around me also. I have to put down my pride and attitude and pick up humility and God, today. I pray that we can all put it down today and pick up God. God loves us more than we can know, and has given us the love which makes the plain beautiful and the ignored the star. God's love in the world brought forth a child who brought down kings. A child who, without violence or destruction, became the power and authority for us all. Love became power so that the weakest among us might be miraculous with God's help. So God help me today. And God help you, so that the world might know love, impossible love, the love no barrier can contain. God help us all.

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