Monday, August 24, 2009

Praying against Tribulation

Pray that it may not happen in winter. Mark 13:18

Yesterday, after several eventful days we decided to take it easy. We had some chores to catch up on and mostly we wanted to rest. As they day wore on, and the sun continued to shine I suggested we take a ride into Connecticut to explore. We are only a few miles from the Connecticut border and so this was to be a short outing. We got a bit lost, explored some and then stopped at a book store before returning home. As we got in the car the sky began to darken. Ominous clouds, dark and fast moving were gathering overhead. It looked like the sky in every Apocalyptic movie ever made. I half expected to see men in long robes and beards announcing the end of the world. Then then rain began. We were on the New England Turnpike -95 and the rain came down in torrents. Occasionally it would slow to pouring and then it would pick up again. I could only see a few feet in front of me and the traffic had come to a crawl. I held on tight and got as near to the window as I dared. I kept my distance from other cars and slowly we finally made it home. I could only think of what the storm would have been like it it had been winter and the water was snow. We would have been covered over in seconds, hidden in drifts within a few minutes. Fortunately, we might have been able to walk home several miles, through water. Snow would have made it impossible.

I have never understood about Jesus' tribulation warnings. And all the theologians I have read have been no help. All I know is that I have known trials and tribulations - all of which are much worse in the winter. I know enough to constantly pray that God spares my loved ones from the worst tribulations. I know enough to be dangerously aware of how fragile life is and how careless we can be with it. I know just enough to realize that we complain about the heat, only to complain about the extremes of winter also. And I know surely in our worst moments, God promises to be in the midst of them. God promises to hold us when we can no longer stand, to hold the wheel when we can no longer drive and promises to take us from the worst through love's triumphant ways.

So today, I want to be thankful for making it through one more challenge, gaining more and more love for God. I want to be thankful for my family and those who stand with us in the worst of times. And today, I pray that our trails are small and our joys are great in God this day.

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