Tuesday, August 18, 2009


“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;this was the Lord’s doing,and it is amazing in our eyes” Mark 11:10-11

They tend to hang on the fence
the ones chosen last
the ones left outside
not athletic enough, not popular at all
not on anybody's wish list.

They tend to watch the world carefully,
observing hands and faces grasping
welcome or refusal in brief seconds.

They tend to be unseen by the brightest
those birthrights to beauty
pass them by and mutter secret prayers
thanksgiving for not being ugly
rejected, uneven and shamed.

Jesus comes from them
for them, among them and around them.
He scoops rejected ones in his arms
like a mother gathers up her beloved
singing lullabies to broken hearts
pouring salve and balm onto sore places
hidden broken dreams and tear stained hopes.

They are outside yet amazing
because Jesus is one of their kind
one of the dark, scared sensitive ones,
the shut out, limping, side lined ones,
he brings their dreams renewed and mended
he lifts them up to a brilliant sky.

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