Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday 2008

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

This morning I had the opportunity to walk the beach in the early morning. I was alone, it was a breezy day, and the winter light was direct but soft. This beach is home to me, at the end of the street where my mother lives, in the town where they have had their home since before I was born. It is the one place I can walk and immediately be reminded of where my treasure is, and what is truly holy and lasting in my life. It is home and the power of wind, water and waves takes my breath away and settles me down. I hear my name called, I remember the people whose lives have intertwined with mine, and I know I am home and never alone. My treasure, is not this place, but in the power of this place to make me belong in the arms of God. To be surrounded by love, beauty and solitude and to not feel abandoned, lonely or afraid. I am aware of my powerlessness and my dependence in this place. And I am reminded of God's love sufficient beyond measure, revealed in this corner of creation.

This Lent, I hope to live every day reminded of this treasure. This Lent, I pray that we can all find those places to walk where we hear our named called, that we can be among those who remind us of our intimate belonging, and that every new day might bring us closer to knowing God's love in our lives.

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