Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Atlantic to Pacific

From Atlantic to Pacific -
My perspective has changed. After spending so much of my life by the Atlantic Ocean, I have just returned from two weeks in the middle of the Pacific. Part of my identity is informed and effected by this ocean, but I have learned these past few weeks that all people who live and work by the sea are defined by that same ocean in some way. Tomorrow, I will be able to once again walk on Atlantic beaches, going home to see my mother, speaking at a gathering and taking a brief respite before coming back to northern New Jersey. I have been in motion, and I have changed perspectives so much, I really don't know if I am completely the same person who started out on that journey a few weeks back. There are wonderful people, all along the way and my sense of family has expanded beyond all my knowing.

So here to all of us who are in motion to gain a broader vision, who have set out in order to return home with a new perspective, a new set of reference points, a bigger family and more places and people to call home. The journey makes us weary some days, but the thrill of new and renewed friendships is healing and restorative. May the traveling bring breadth and compassion. May we all find family and welcome wherever we land.

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