Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A Prayer for those of us who are parked some where that is neither our destination or our home.

Dear God,
You created everything around me, including this place where I do not want to be.
I am an in exile, in this unfamiliar city, and want so much to be anywhere but here.
It is dark, and I cannot make out the signs to take me on the next steps of my journey.
I am alone, and I do not revel in waiting on others.

But you are my Creator, you fashioned me and sustain me.
You made this foreign place, and you dwell with strangers as well as friends.
Help me today to see your imprint in every path and sign.
Help me to see your face in each of the strangers I meet.
Help me to rejoice in this detour as I learn a new way to trust,
a new way to walk in a strange land.

Walk with me today and I will never be alone.
Help me sing songs of joy and I will always sing for you.
Hold me close and I will never be afraid.


1 comment:

the Webmaster said...

Dear Bishop and Friend,

Thank you for your prayer. As I read it, I would only need to change "exile and unfamiliar city" to "transition".

I would also change "help me sing" to "thank you for music", as that is what I needed to do today in the form of a Celtic Women CD on an iPod, which helped me, today, to refocus on the message of your Prayer.

Thank you.