Friday, February 8, 2008

By Water and the Holy Spirit

Yesterday was my mother's 85th birthday. It was a full day, taking her shopping at Carrado's - a food market that is out of this world, then going for lunch, a massage, and finally a dinner party where three of her children, two grandchildren and her younger sister were in attendance. The main course was her favorite -tamales. I have thought much in the past few days about what it means to be her daughter, and the things she has seen and done in her lifetime. My mother, at 85, is still very active, still driving, and most importantly, feeding children from the projects every Friday night. She's been doing it for years, and she loves it. And they love her.

I have come to realize that my mother taught me long ago that we do what we do, and keep doing what we do, by water and the holy spirit. Her baptism, marked by water, makes part of God's family and the holy spirit keeps her battery charged when her spirit flags. She has had her share of grief and sorrow. She lost my Dad 14 years ago this week, she lost my sister 18 years ago - but she keeps on with great joy. She is never afraid to ask others for prayer, and she always is ready to pray for others. She is always open to new relationships and tenderly cares for the people God has put in her path. She lives by the water, ever turbulent, ever changing, but also always restoring, and always carrying us on to other places of joy and adventure. My mother takes it all in, gives thanks for every day, and lights up the room when she comes in.

May you live today like Betty - by water and the Holy Spirit. Take every day and every person as a gift, enjoy every morsel of food, every child or person God puts in your path - and remember that prayer can be offered for everyone and everything, at every moment.

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