Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Exciting Challenges Ahead

When I got home late this morning from my trip to Hawaii, the sky was gray, it was drizzling, and the breeze was cold. I expected to deal with some climate shock, time zone shock - and all the rest. What I didn't think much about before now were the exciting challenges ahead. I am in transition, I don't know where my next call will come from and though I am thrilled to be home, the full reality of dealing with what lies ahead hit me full on. Like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. I am always ill prepared for the times of transition, I often rally against waiting and listening and I want immediate clarity when I know none can be forthcoming.

So here's to all of us who face a firing squad, a change in life, status or location. Here's to all those who are struggling to be patient with God and with the people around us. Help me, God, to remember the beauty of standing still, of walking in the front door to an exciting and welcoming puppy, to my sweet family and friends willing to walk me through transitions, and all the loving people you have put in my path. My next challenge is the challenge of the next few minutes. Will I live them well and will I love those around me? That is all you have ever required of me. May we all step through the thresh hold and be greeted with love. May we all remember that God is crossing every doorway with us, holding us tenderly on our way to becoming.

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