Friday, February 15, 2008

High Surf Advisory

High Surf Advisory

I have been now a little over a day in Honolulu. I am staying in the heart of the tourist area of Waikiki. And I have only seen the beach and ocean at a distance. The surfing report on the evening news says the waves are exceptional because of the winds and tides. I am looking forward to a moment of respite when I can enjoy that expression of God's creation and power.

I will spend my time here, listening the stories of the people. Native people who have hstorically and personally suffered greatly and who still struggle to find ways to have their voices heard in government and church situations. Their waters are turbulent, the winds have changed and in this season of transition, they are anxious, leery and hopeful. Trust and confidence in any structure doesn't come easy - it has to be earned by the people of the land and water.

My prayer for today is that I can listen, to the roar and whispers, to the tears and laughter, to the silence and the questions and find the Creator's love in our midst. I pray only to be a shell, a vessel, a conch to herald the voices and gifts that are already in such abundance among these very warm and welcoming people. May we, today, be instruments, played by GOd, for the renewal and healing of all people.

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