Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swimming with Big Fish

I am visiting with lovely gentle people in Molokai. I've had a wonderful day hearing stories and sharing meals with kind, faithful folks. I also got a tour of the island with the husband of the priest who has served here for 30 years. He shared with me his love for watching the whales that swim in the harbor. At first, I had a hard time seeing what was being identified as a spout, or blow hole. I wanted to see the whales but struggled following the visual directions I was given. All of the sudden, I spotted the tail of one whale, and then the whole pod was churning the water and frolicking. God's beautiful creatures, large and joyous in the full life of this island paradise.

Some times, we struggle to see the smallest evidence of Gods promise in our lives. We all have those days when, even with good directions, we can't make out what is right in front of us. I am reminded today, that my job is simply to keep looking. Trusting that God's beautiful creatures surround me, the human kind and the swimming kind - and that if I keep looking I will see all sorts of wonders.

May we all remember to keep looking, even when things are dim or confused. I pray that each of us might see wonders before our eyes, in the faces of our families, friends and all the strange and wondrous creatures that inhabit our world.

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